WiFi City

WiFi,(Wireless Fidelity) connectivity is a high-speed wireless access technology that allows users to connect to the Internet without using any form of wiring or cable. The service is available to anyone with a laptop computer or personal digital assistant (PDA) equipped with 802.11b wireless access capability.

What is WifiCITY?

WifiCITY is a FREE wireless network or "HOT-SPOT" that is available throughout Tower City Center.

What is WiFi?

WiFi actually stands for Wireless Fidelity and is the new term used to describe a wireless network based on the international 802.11 standard for local area networks. Typically WiFi is coupled with the term HOT-SPOT.

What is a HOT-SPOT?

A HOT-SPOT is a geographic area or zone that is enabled with high-speed wireless Internet access. HOT-SPOTs are generally available at many convenient public locations such as airports, cafés, hotels, and restaurants. Using either a laptop or handheld PDA that is WiFi 802.11 wirelessly-enabled, you can access the Internet or your corporate intranet at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up.

What is 802.11 and what does it mean to me?

IEEE 802.11 is an international standard for wireless networking. It permits different devices to communicate with one another using this standard. There are different versions of this standard and Tower City Center has chosen the most common one, 802.11b. Your laptop or PDA device must be enabled with an 802.11b network card or chip in order to communicate with WifiCITY.

How does the service work?

Tower City Center has installed wireless access points throughout the three levels of the mall, which transmit a radio signal wirelessly to a user's WiFi 802.11b wireless network card. With a properly installed wireless network card, a user launches their browser and receives a login page to begin. Once they ok the Terms of Use Statement, they are able to connect to public Internet resources. With full connectivity to the Internet, users can access any Internet resources, as well as any corporate networks to which they have access from the Internet.

What do I need to access the service?

A laptop computer or handheld PDA running a current version of Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or MAC OS. A WiFi compliant (IEEE 802.11b) wireless network card. Some notebook PCs from Dell, HP, IBM, and Apple are being shipped with the cards pre-installed or as a factory option. An Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Where can I purchase a wireless network card?

Unfortunately, Tower City Center does not sell wireless network cards. However, these 802.11b cards are easily obtainable at any computer specialty store or electronics stores such as Best Buy or Circuit City.

How fast is the WifiCITY HOT-SPOT?

WifiCITY connects to the Internet via a dedicated T1 circuit or 1.544 mbps. The WiFi 802.11b technology allows for speeds up to 11 Mbps, but actual throughput (speed) is governed by the T1 and how many users are connected at one time.

Can I access my corporate network using WifiCITY?

If your employer has provided you with a virtual private network (VPN) software client you can seamlessly access your corporate network via the Internet. Tower City Center strongly recommends that its patrons take measures to ensure the security of their wireless connections by employing encryption as well as firewall software.

Do I need to download or install any special software to connect to the WifiCITY network?

The only software you will need is the software driver for your WiFi 802.11b wireless network card and an Internet-ready web browser. The HOT-SPOT service requires no additional software.

How do I login to use the service?

Turn on your computer, allow it to fully "boot" up, and set your wireless network card SSID to "WifiCITY". Launch your web browser. The WifiCITY Log-in page should appear. A wireless "disclaimer" page will appear with Accept and Decline buttons located on the bottom of the page. After reading the disclaimer and logon agreement, click the Accept button. You are now good to go!

What operating systems are currently compatible with the service?

The WifiCITY HOT-SPOT is not OS-specific, and will work with any operating systems as long as there is a compatible, Internet-ready browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

What is the cost to use the service?

Unlike Starbucks or other commercial WiFi services, WifiCITY is FREE so ENJOY!

What if I have problems using the service?

If you experience difficulty connecting to the wireless network, click the "Support" link located on the Welcome Page. The Support area of our Web site contains helpful troubleshooting documents as well as a complete "User Guide" for your reference.

Where can I connect within Tower City Center?

The general range of an 802.11b wireless network is approximately 300 feet. Several 802.11b Wireless Access Points have been distributed throughout Tower City Center to provide wireless service to most open areas of the mall on all three levels. Some special areas have been designated for WiFi use but access is available wherever a seat can be found. Some of the outlying areas of the Food Court may not be covered to avoid conflict with patrons looking for dining space.

What kind of security is available through my wireless connection?

We do not enable WEP (Wired Equivalency Protection), WPA, or any other encryption methods on any of the wireless equipment used in our network. Therefore, no special keys are required to use the service. WEP encryption is not yet practical for a public access network, due in part to the absence of a standardized method for relaying encryption keys between different manufacturers' equipment. We also encourage our subscribers to observe standard security practices as described within our Terms of Use Statement.

How do I know if my wireless network card is supported?

The WifiCITY HOT-SPOT is a WiFi 802.11b network; therefore, any WiFi certified wireless network card will work. IEEE 802.11g standard wireless cards are also "backwards" compatible with 802.11b. The 802.11a cards will not work on this network.

Can I connect using a Macintosh computer?

Yes, WifiCITY supports Macintosh users. Macs with AirPort cards installed usually require little or no configuration. You will need to set your AirPort card to select the WifiCITY HOT-SPOT network. See the AirPort card documentation for specific instructions.

Can I use streaming video, video conferences, or VoIP (Voice over IP)?

Yes, at this time patrons wishing to take advantages of these types of resources can seamlessly access them using the WifiCITY network. However these services are provided at "Best Effort". Tower City Center reserves the right to terminate any wireless session(s) that are consuming most or all of the available bandwidth.

Are any Internet Sites blocked?

Yes. Some Internet sites that have been deemed inappropriate for general public use have been blocked.